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In registering my child(ren) as a member of the Bishop Estates Swim Team, I release all form of liability to Bishop Estates Swim Team, Bishop Estates Cabana Club, their officers, directors, coaches and employees.  This release form of liability pertains to any injury or property loss that may occur during a swim meet, swim practice, swim team social activity, or any other swim team function.  I also hereby give permission for images of my child captured during regular and special swim team activities through video, photo and digital camera, to be used solely for the purpose of swim team promotional material and publications.  I also waive any rights of compensation or ownership rights. 

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Parent Commitment

In registering for the swim team, you also pledge the following:

1.  To work a predetermined amount of swim meet jobs, as well as a job at time trials and city meet.  A $50 work deposit (check) is required at time of registration.  The amount will be returned in full if all work assignments are completed by end of season. 

2.  To raise a minimum of $175 in fundraising unless you have chosen to opt out and pay for the $150 buyout during registration.  You are also required to submit a fundraising deposit check of $150 at time of registration and it will be returned if your family raises the $175 by end of season.

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Bishop Estates Cabana Member

Is your family a Bishop Estates Cabana Member? If not, then you are required to pay an additional splash fee of $200. 

Fundraising Buyout

Would you like to purchase the fundraising buyout of $150 at time of registration? If not, then you are required to raise a minimum of $175 by the end of the 2018 season and submit a $150 fundraising deposit check to BEST.

Registration Fees

If paying by check please write out all payments on separate checks, for registration fees, work deposit, fundraising buyout.

All registration fees & parents work and fundraising deposit checks must be received by the BEST Treasurer before the swimmers first official practice to reserve their spot on the team.   Payment may be submitted online, in person at first practice, or mailed to:

BEST  @ 1824 Hoover Ct, Concord CA 94521